President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday led the awarding of 24,000 hectares of government lands in North Cotabato, Sarangani, South Cotabato, and Sultan Kudarat to 13,585 agrarian reform beneficiaries. 

A total of 12,585 Certificates of Land Ownership Award (CLOA) were distributed in the event, the biggest in the history of the Comprehensive Land Reform Program.

“Stick to the land, pananom mo. Makahatag sa inyo na’g panginabuhi. Maski’g gamay ra gud,” Duterte told the beneficiaries.

(Stick to the land and plant. That will be your livelihood and source of income even if it’s just small.)

The President also joked about the beneficiaries selling their lands to invest the proceeds in the controversial KAPA group.

“Kanang naa ko’y tambag. Hinay-hinay na’g baligya para ikapital sa KAPA. [laughter and applause] Sige. Sige iprenda kay ugma ipatawag ta mo’g usab kay palinyahon ta mo ngari. Sumbag ang inyong madawat nako. Babae’g lalaki,” he said.
(I would like to give you my advice. Sell that so you can have the capital to invest in KAPA. Sige. Sige, have it pawned and tomorrow I will have you all summoned to line up here. You will each receive a punch from me, both men and women.)

In his speech, the President also slammed the New People’s Army for supposedly blinding poor farmers against the government with promises of land reform. 

He also scoffed at the rebel’s belief of communism and said that even communist model China looks much like capitalist Hong Kong.

“Og unsa nang Hong Kong, that is the mirror of China. Tanang — China ug Hong Kong pareho og hitsura. Dato kayo. Are they communist? No more. It’s a controlled capitalist. Mao na. It’s a controlled economy, a market-driven,” he said.
(Hong Kong is the mirror of China. All of the — China and Hong Kong look the same. They are very rich. Are they communist? No more. It’s a controlled capitalist. That’s it. It’s a market-driven, controlled economy.)

“Kani bang atong istorya ba. Patapos na ni. Musugot mo’g sa dili kamong mga NPA, mga komunista, patapos na gyud mo. Wala moy armas, wa moy bala, wa moy pagkaon, puro nuka. Ang inyong gipaabot diha puro paak sa alimatok,” Duterte said.
(Our dialogue is about to end. Whether you agree to it or not, you NPAs, the communists, you are about to end. You don’t have guns, you don’t have bullets, you don’t even have food. All you have are sores and you are being bitten by leeches.)

This article was originally published on ABS-CBN News on June 13, 2019.

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