Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF) Co-Chairperson Cabinet Secretary Karlo Nograles has reminded the public that cemeteries and memorial parks will be closed from October 29 to November 4 as part of the government’s efforts to prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in the country.

According to Nograles, no changes would be made to the policies spelled out in IATF Resolution No. 72, issued on September 17, 2020, which states that “all private and public cemeteries, and memorial parks, including columbariums and the like throughout the country shall be closed to visitors from October 29 to November 4.”

“We recognize that the observation of Undas is ingrained in our culture, and that we all place great value on paying our respects to our departed loved ones,” said the Palace official.

Nograles pointed out, however, that “safety of our people comes first, and the government could not take the risk of having so many people at the same place and at the same time.”

“Bumababa na po ang bilang ng mga bagong kaso, and we are making progress into reducing the incidents of local transmissions in the provinces. We really want to sustain this in order for the country to slowly open up and get back on its feet,” said Nograles.

Aside from appealing to the public to abide with the policy, the former legislator also urged local government units to be vigilant and to strictly enforce the IATF directive.

“This rule will only be as effective as its implementation, and we hope that we can count on our LGUs to help the authorities enforce this directive.”

While IATF Resolution No. 72 closes public cemeteries, memorial parks, and columbariums to the public from October 29 to November 4, burial and cremation activities during the said period shall be governed by the Omnibus Guidelines on the Implementation of Community Quarantine.

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